Quality Tips to Stay Safe when Dust Storm Driving.

Imagine you are driving thorough desolate landscape in the desert listening to your favorite play-list and everything is calm. All you can see are the ancient cactus standing like statues for miles, then suddenly you see a giant wall of dust moving to your direction on the highway. At times it may be hard to be calm if the wall of dust is coming your way if it catches you off guard, it is important to be calm to avoid any accidents. Dust storms are common in Arizona and mainly occur between May and September with intense storms happening in late summer months known as monsoon. Various platforms have come up with ways to educate people who are caught by the storm while driving like the Tucson News Now. This site provides helpful info that can help you to avoid driving erratically in such a situation. You'll really want to learn more about this.

Safely pullover to the roadside and if you have enough distance between you and the dust it is safer to exit the highway at the next off ramp. However, if you are on the side streets, you can try and find cover in the public parking. To put it simply, the best way to do when you are driving in a dust storm is getting off the roadways and avoid till when the dust impairs your visibility. Still, never park in the HOV lanes or the emergency vehicles lanes. If you are in Arizona and you are driving in the desert between May to September, it is important you check this site of Tucson News Now to help you safely maneuver the monsoon storm. You'll want to get more info now.

If you are not equally safe to pull over, slow down. When the visibility is impaired by the dust and you can only see a short distance, it is imperative to drive slowly in a way that does not pose a danger to you and other drivers. Another tip is to turn the cars light off. When the visibility is near zero, most drivers use the lights of the in front to vehicle to guide them and if another motorist sees the lights are on, they think that you are still moving while you are actually parked and could end up rear ending your car. This is why if you are driving in the monsoon months it is important to gather more info about dust driving now! Listening to your local weather station in Arizona is important as you wait for the storm to clear. Tune in and gather more info on the magnitude of the storm and how severe the storm is projected before visibility is safe to be able to drive again. Learn more about dust storms here:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dust_storm