Best Tips for Driving During Dust Storm

There are good factors that can help you to stay always safe when driving in a dust storm. The first thing that you need to do is to remain calm. This is especially when you are caught off guard. Staying calm will help you to act safely and at the same time prevent you from an accident. More to that, it is vital to drive erratically, mainly if you are already in a hectic situation and not able to predict the reaction of other drivers. This can give you more info.

Another essential thing is to check your blind spots and mirrors immediately. Again, when you have some distance between the dust storm and yourself, then it is good to get off the roadways. It is good to have patience until your visibility become impaired by the storm. Moreover, you will require to considerably slow down if you are not in a place safer to pull over. After having the impaired visibility and have the ability to see an ahead of you at a short distance, then you will need to drive using a slow speed that will not be a threat to other driver and yourself.

Having the low visibility, the drivers ensure using the vehicle lights ahead of them for their paths guidance. Another thing you require to do is turning your lights off, hazard, emergency lights, and headlights together with brake lights. This is a common thing that you need to remove the foot once parked from the brakes. Ensure again to fasten the seat belt, locking your doors and also the application of parking brakes. You can learn more at

When the speeds of the wind reach 30 mph or more, there is always a dust storm warning. Again also the signal is given when the visibility is less or half a mile due to blowing dust and sand. It is there advisable to ensure turning to the local weather station to check the prediction of a severe storm, affected radius and the duration of lasting. The good thing is that it will only take a few minutes of experiencing the intense dust storms before the visibility become safe to drive again. In some cases, you will get some lasting for more than an hour.

You need therefore to be patient for dust storm until you get sure the driving again is safe. This will mean you can consistently have visibility of 300 feet in front of you. More to that it is okay to check with your station of local weather to have an up to date status of the storm. Here's how dust storms form: